No landscape is complete without beautiful flowers and strong trees. Let the pros at Legendary Landscapes & Lawn Services transform your boring yard into a gorgeous oasis in Marissa or Freeburg, IL. Contact us as soon as possible to talk about the plants you want to see in front of your home or business.

3 plants that can brighten up your front entrance

Boost your curb appeal the natural way. Hire Legendary Landscapes & Lawn Services to plant beautiful:



These gorgeous, bulbous flowers are great for hiding unattractive parts of your siding or foundation.


Boxwood bushes:

These do an excellent job of blocking parts of your home or building you don't like and drawing the eye toward more attractive spots.


Hanging ferns:

Placing these on your porch makes your home or office look welcoming and bright.

You don't have to stick with small flowers and bushes. Legendary Landscapes & Lawn Services can plant flowers and trees of all sizes in your yard. Call 618-920-9821 today to make an appointment with a talented landscaper in Marissa, Illinois or Freeburg, Illinois.